Janet Fought Her Way Through 72 Pounds & Got Healthy For Her Kids

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Janet's Success Story

Though never a "thin" kid, Janet began having weight issues in her late teens and early 20s. In May 2009, she decided to make a change as she rose to 216 pounds on a 5' 4" frame. Her children inspired her to make that change. With a special needs son who will most likely always live at home and require the special care that she gives him, Janet was determined to make a change... a lifestyle change for health!

The physical fight... Janet blames her past eating habits and lack of activity on her weight gain though she had a more difficult time with gaining after giving birth to her children. In her own words, she felt like "a big lump of fat" with no energy. With the extra weight came pain. She had back, hip, feet, and knee pain. The back pain was the worst as she works in the childcare industry, and being able to physically play with the children is important. However, getting up and down off the ground to play became increasingly harder.

The mental fight... Being overweight, Janet had a very low opinion of herself which contributed to much anxiety when going out in public. She would avoid crowds or social events and run her errands after dark where it seemed she would not be seen as much. Thoughts of dying young and not being able to care for her handicapped son was a fearful thought that crossed her mind many times.

The fight to freedom... In May 2009, Janet finally decided that enough was enough. She desired to be healthy not only for her kids but for herself. With the support of her family and friends, she began her fight towards freedom of the physical and mental anguish that her overweight issues had caused her. The first step in her fight for health started within her mind as one has to be ready to make the change. Her second fighting step included using some great techniques in the kitchen to help her with food by cutting back on sugar as well as her portions, eating more whole grains, and weighing / measuring her foods. She knew that if she didn't make these changes, it would be too easy to overeat. Currently, her favorite food is the healthy black bean burger. Finally, Janet knew she must get some form of physical activity into her life to fight her way to freedom even though she hated to exercise. She power walks five days per week for 52 minutes while getting in 4 miles, and she says that she will increase that when she feels "fit." If 4 miles isn't fit already, then I think she meant "super duper fit!"

Continuing the fight... Janet has lost an incredible 72 pounds and 7 dress sizes! Going from a size 20 pants and 2XL to a size 6 pants and medium shirt, Janet is very much a winner in this fight. She is a much stronger and confident person than she ever thought she could be by being able to do this on her own. Having a goal of 135 pounds, Janet only has 9 pounds to go. She will surely make it!

A Word From Janet...

"My advice for anyone that wants to lose weight is to try your hardest and dig deeper than you ever have before because it is so worth the outcome in the end. All the hard work is well worth not being able to have an extra cookie."


Janet Before


Janet After