Janet - A True Warrior In Spite of Life's Difficulties

Submitted by: Abby Campbell

Janet's Success Story

Sometimes we find life grabbing us by the throat. Before we know it, the weight begins to creep and sluggishness crawl right behind. This was the case for Jess as she struggled with extreme difficulties in recent years from losing her job due to the bad economy, legally separating from her husband, and having to go back to school to learn a new trade. Through the unbearable stress, Jess never gave up!

From a Healthy Beginning to a Downturn... Jess grew up with a bodybuilder daddy who influenced her through her childhood and young adult life to be fit and healthy. She exercised and didn't worry too much about her weight even after having children. Then that dreadful age hit where metabolism naturally takes a downturn --> 35! Jess began to put on weight even though she worked a job where running most days for 8 hours filling orders was the protocol. From 1997 to 2005, her weight rose from 150 to 205 pounds on a 5' 9" frame. She stressed about her weight continually which caused her to come home from work crying most days. Thus, the stress and crying caused her much guilt, and she was continually apologizing to her family.

From a Downturn to Desperation... Out of desperation to lose the weight, Jess began researching for help. She read training and nutrition books and began working more. She increased her time at the gym to 3 hours per day! She lost 25 pounds and thought, "Things were starting to come together." Then one day, the weight loss came to a sudden halt! She found herself at a loss once again and stuck at 180 pounds.

From Desperation to Support... Jess needed support, and she joined a support group for women who wanted to get their bodies and health back. This is where I had the opportunity to meet Jess in 2008 and was able to encourage and motivate her. At the time, Jess was on a low-calorie diet of only 900 to 1,000 calories. Yet, her doctor advised her to lower her calories even more since she wasn't losing the weight. She told me that she was not feeling well most days as she was having headaches and dizzy spells. I then learned of her diet and was flabbergasted that her doctor directed her to lower her calories more than what she was taking in as she was already on a starvation diet. It was not enough to even support her vitally with her weight and height. Therefore, I advised her to increase her calories yet eat clean foods that would boost her metabolism, as well as exercise less to allow her muscles time to heal.

From Support to Positive Change... After Jess began eating more appropriately and reducing her workout times to half, she began to see big changes... more positive changes in her body and health. She was losing an incredible 10 pounds per month! In just four short months, she reached her goal weight of 145 pounds.

From Positive Change to Higher Goals... After reaching her weight loss goals, Jess decided to go to the next level. She then trained for a figure athlete competition and hit the stage in July 2010. Through her dedication and hard work, she placed fifth in her category. Losing weight is a huge accomplishment in itself, but taking the stage at 47 years old and placing is even greater!

A Word From Jess...

"I rely on my faith in God as well as staying committed and true to self."


Janet Before


Janet After