Jake Farber

Submitted by: Robert Quimby

Jake's Success Story

Dear Rob,
I just wanted to thank you for helping me in reaching my goals in
wrestling over the past few years. I could never have been competitive at the high school level without the strength I obtained from your training. Your training helped me to gain about twenty pounds of muscle during my eighth grade summer in order to wrestle at the 103 lb weight class for my ninth grade year. Not only was I able to wrestle varsity during the entire year. But I also ended up with the fourth best record of wins on a team that consisted of mostly seniors.
I know that continuing to train with you over the next three years will help me accomplish my life- long goal of becoming a state champion.
In addition I also have learned the correct techniques for lifting and
can use them later in life.

Thanks again,
Jake Farber


Jake Before


Jake After