Jackie has been in my shoes

Submitted by: Jackie Brand

Robin's Success Story

"I have been meaning to thank you for a while now for introducing me to Jackie. Remember the day last August you came up to my daughter and I while she and I were working out and you introduced yourself as the club's owner? We were trying it out since Body Focus had just closed. I mentioned to you that I had lost about 50 pounds on my own but had reached a plateau.

You suggested I speak to Jackie Brand the personal trainer at your club who had lost 150 pounds herself. I immediately made a date to talk to her and see if she could help me lose the rest of my weight (about another 70 pounds). She said she knew exactly what we had to do. She taught me about writing down everything I eat every single day and recording how many calories I was eating. The pounds started dropping off immediately.

In addition, we started lifting weights to build muscle since I was losing so much weight. She always encourages me to push myself as hard as I can. It has worked since I now spend about 4 hours total a week lifting weights with her and on my own (and I even sort of enjoy it!)

To date I have lost about 45 pounds working with Jackie and 95 pounds in total. I am getting near the end of my "losing fat" journey but thanks to Jackie realize that this is not "the end". Eating healthy and keeping track of calories will continue and I will keep lifting weights to build muscle. I have changed the way I think about food and changed many bad habits. I will not gain this weight back!

I really like working with Jackie because she has been in my shoes having lost all that weight herself. She knows exactly how hard this is and it helps when someone has been there. We are about the same age and married with children so we have lots to talk about. If you had not introduced me to her I may never have begun to conquer this lifelong weight problem. I was stuck in a rut and could not get out of it.

By this summer I will be where I want to be and have both you and Jackie to thank for that!"

Robin M.


Robin Before


Robin After