Its worth it if you commit to it and work hard

Submitted by: Alita Brown

Wanda's Success Story

If you are looking for some up close and personal motivation, you have it here. It is a small business with 2 studios inside. Very quaint, but has all the equipment that is needed for the trainers to basically torture you. Lol. I think they enjoy it as well actually.

All the trainers are awesome, including the studio's owner, Alita. Olivia is a sweet heart but will definitely work you out (yup...still sore dear!), Katya will push you to your limit (Still hate push ups on the barbells!), Garet will make you love the Bosu Ball (I will pop one of those things one, and Alita will always push you to have a thorough workout...even when its 6am in the morning...that is Love right there lol. They know their stuff. They know about nutrition and will work with you on your weaknesses. It's pretty awesome.

I started in late February until mid May. So about 3 months, give or take, I have lost 15 pounds! WHOOHOO!! Do I look fly yet? Yup yup...I'm on my way there haha. All the trainers there are easy to get along with,they are fun and honest, plus it's not bad to have Garet as eye candy either (wink wink).

Its worth it if you commit to it and work hard. All in all, I learned a great deal and made huge changes in my normal routine (Yes Alita...I believe in breakfast now). Thanks you guys for everything. Much love always!!