It was OUR fate to meet!

Submitted by: Tracey Gerety

Rosanne 's Success Story

In 2009 Rosanne mother of 2 decided it was time to go back to work. She had always taken care of herself by eating healthy and working out, But going back to work and transporting two kids to and from school became such a time zapper she began to loose sight of her health and fitness regime. The little time she had to herself was spent on various activities for the family. when I met Rosanne at school and she discovered I was a trainer, she immediately told me how unhappy she was because she had very little fitness in her life. We started working together 1 x a week . Initially she would tire fast, but once her strength buikd up she wanted to train more days. Within one year her wedding fiqure was back and she is now stronger than ever! Rosanne now has the tools to stay healthy and fit and go to work!


Rosanne  After