IT to Fit

Submitted by: Keith Kramer

Carlo's Success Story

Carlo- 33 years old
Profession: IT
July 2011

I normally try to stay active given that i have a desk job and have tried going to the gym and tried the ole' home workout routines. However, there are some times that I don't feel motivated. When 2011 came, I finally decided that I'll be more serious with my health and workout more. To help me reach my goals and push me through it, I've decided to look for a trainer and that's when I found Pierre.

After talking with Pierre about my goals and how he can help, I've decided to give him a try. I was very impressed at how knowledgeable he is when it comes to fitness. He explains to me the muscle group I'm hitting and the different ways to do the exercise with various level of intensity. Each session is very different from the last one and is only focused on the muscle group that is planned for the day. He also holds weekly boot camp sessions that I recently joined. Talk about having fun while doing a full body workout. Now my wife and brother have also joined the boot camp.

He recently started incorporating some boxing/kickboxing routines in our workout and I am really having fun with it. I especially enjoy the speed bag and I am addicted to it now. Pierre knows how to keep the session interesting and he knows how to motivate and push you through the workout no matter how hard they are. He's very approachable if you have any questions about fitness or anything in general. A very good trainer and I highly recommend him if you want to achieve your fitness goals.