Is transformation without weight loss possible?

Submitted by: Jessica Daly

Connie's Success Story

Connie joined Ocean Blue Fitness Boot Camp last June upon the recommendation of some of her co-workers. Since joining, she has regularly attended boot camp classes and TRX suspension training 3 times per week. Like many people Connie was focused on weight loss as a measure of success. While weight loss can be an important goal, Connie's story illustrates that it is certainly not always the best measure of success.

An initial boot camp assessment showed Connie's overall fitness to be poor. Her resting and recovery heart rates were both higher than they should have been and her strength and flexibility were very limited. These results were not unexpected given that Connie at age 54 could not remember the last time she had been regularly active. While Connie was somewhat overweight her weight was certainly not the most concerning issue.

Connie's most recent assessment is a striking example of how one can take charge of their life and health and change the course that they are on completely. Connie's assessment results show that both her resting and recovery heart rates are above average. Her flexibility is also above average and has increased by over 3 inches. She is now able to do 7 push ups which is categorized as good for someone her age and her abdominal strength test was excellent. Despite the lack of a change in her weight I think you will all agree when looking at her before and after photos that she has completely changed her body.

In the interview below Connie describes what made this time different for her and what keeps her going.

J. You had not been exercising regularly what made this attempt different for you?

C. I will try not to cry as I answer this question.  My mother was a very large woman.  The year before I joined boot camp she had been in a serious car accident.  When it came time to help her bathe, it was very hard to manage her size.   She was in need of a surgery that she could not have unless she lost weight.  She died in August of 2009 from metastasized breast cancer.  We were never able to bring her home because we could not handle taking care of her. She constantly battled her weight just as I have.  She lost the battle and I do not want to.

J. Do you think having an initial assessment was motivating or helpful?

C. It was helpful.  I think the second assessment I had (after the first 8 weeks) may have been too soon as I got a little discouraged that I had not shown as much improvement as I thought I would.  I was expecting miracles. Last night's assessment really showed me how far I have come.  I know I am not finished but I can see a difference as much as feel the difference.

J. How has exercising regularly changed your everyday life?

C. It has given me a sense of accomplishment.  I am doing this for me, no one else. I feel the difference in my clothes even if I do not see the difference on the scales. This is for me and me alone.

J. Do you notice changes in how you feel?

C. Yes I do.  When I put some of my clothes on I feel more comfortable in them.  I am not at the point where I need to buy new ones but I definitely feel the difference. I do not feel my hips bulging like they used too.  Again, they are not perfect yet, but they will be!

J. What advice would you give to others who are struggling to get active?

C. Join! Join! Join! But also make the commitment to show up.  Spending the money does nothing for you if you do not show up.  It is hard work. Don't let other things get in your way.  This is one hour at least 3 times a week just for me. I deserve to do this for myself. My husband knows I will not be right home after work.  If I went home, I would never come back.

J. What is the most important thing for you that has happened as a result of becoming more fit?

C. I have been on a daily injection of Forteo for my osteoporosis for 2 years in August.  That is the longest you can take the drug.  My Rheumatologist is so thrilled with the improvement in my bone density. She says "I don't know what you are doing, but keep it up".  I told her what I was doing and she thought it was great.  I always did a lot of walking but never the amount of exercise that I am doing now.

J. Do you have any goals for the future?

C. I want to continue reshaping my body so that I am comfortable in my own skin.

J. Tell me about how doing the belly blast program impacted your diet and eating habits?

C. The belly blast diet was hard.  I am so glad I did it.  I have no desire to do it again but I learned that snacking on the right stuff does help. I have learned to watch my portion size. I eat healthier snacks.  I leave the table when I have finished eating so I do not watch my husband eat and think I am still hungry.

J. Would you recommend the belly blast program to others?

C. I have recommended the belly blast to others.  They have not succeeded in completing it though.  It really helped that Deb and I did it together and we were determined that we were going to finish the 21 days.

J. What does your spouse/family think about what you've accomplished?

C. No one has said anything!  I think some of it is because I have not bought different size clothes so it is hard to see the difference.  I have had coworkers say they think my face is thinner.  My face, what about my butt!

J. Have you seen your regular doctor for a visit before and after this transformation and did they notice?

C. I am due for a physical but have not gone yet. Again, she is not going to see a big loss in the weight department.  I am not worried about the pounds. My massage therapist has commented on my muscle definition.

J. Anything I missed?

C. I really enjoy boot camp and TRX.  The atmosphere is non-
competitive, which I like because I am not a competitive person. Everyone encourages each other. It is just a very non threatening atmosphere.  You do a great job in keeping us motivated. Keep up the good work Jessie. I intend to stick around. Thanks so much for getting me this far.

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*These shots are the real thing because I have no clue how to doctor a photo.


Connie Before


Connie After