Invest in Yourself

Submitted by: Clark Gadd

Kim's Success Story

I would like to tell you about my experience working with a personal trainer. When I first came in, I explained that I had worked with a trainer previously at another gym. My feelings were I was too out of shape to work with a trainer, as I was constantly discouraged with the workouts I had done.
I was assured that I didn’t have the right trainer as a good trainer gets you into shape without you feeling discouraged or dejected about the process.

I signed up for training sessions. I go once a week and I am signed up for a year. At first, a year seemed like a long time. Then I realized that if I was committed for a year, I would not be able to make excuses and it would become part of my life. I was assigned Clark Gadd as my trainer. I explained to Clark, that I had previously worked with a trainer, but always felt too out of shape and discouraged with no results. Clark is WONDERFUL. I look forward to my Tuesdays at 5pm. Clark has me doing exercises I never thought I could or would be able to do. He is so encouraging and if I am having an issue with an exercise, he modifies it so that I can do it and still reap the benefits. We never do the same routine twice and he really thinks of exercises that benefit ME. It’s not just his routine for the day with all his clients. He knows what level each client is at, and how to keep us focused. I have only been with Clark since April and the inches are melting off. My body fat has decreased which is another encouraging factor for me. My first measurement was a little rough, as I hadn’t been to the gym as I should. I had every excuse in the world and Clark just simply would not accept them. After the measurements were taken, Clark reminded me that I needed to work out more as my results would have been so much better. He was right. Two months later, the second set of measurements were remarkably better. I am down 1 full size and feel more energetic, confident and happier than I have felt in a long time and I am eating much healthier.

There is a goal I want to meet by my next birthday (5/21) and I know I will meet it. I could never have done it without Clark’s encouragement and expertise! Clark has a way to keep me motivated and keep the training session fun! I look at the training sessions as an investment in myself and my future. It’s the best money I have ever spent!

Thank you Clark for being a wonderful, caring trainer! I appreciate you more than you will ever know.


Kim Short