Interesting, Challenging and Safe!

Submitted by: The Fitness Hub

Janice's Success Story

Janice Church

On Sept. 03, 2012

I have been a client of Cynthia's, owner of the Fitness Hub, for three plus years, ever since I moved to Tennessee. To support my fitness needs this time, Cynthia has incorporated many different methods and goals - motivation, weight loss, body measurements, posture, strength, agility, flexibility, body alignment, cardio, aerobic exercise. To keep training sessions challenging and interesting, she combines aspects of yoga, pilates, strength training, weights, balls, isometrics, walking, hills, stairs, and others.

I am a 64-year-old former software business owner who wants to stay physically active for travel, hiking, walking, gardening, weight control, and so no one will need to take care of me!

Cynthia has decades of experience and will support your fitness goals with a custom, challenging program with a variety of exercise regimens. She is very aware of your fitness level and will adjust her program to avoid injury.