Runaway Success

Submitted by: Jocelyn Moye

Charlotte's Success Story

I initially contacted Fit2Inspire because everything I had been trying over the previous year to drop the 20 pounds I had gained was not working. I was hoping – I indicated in my email – that Jocelyn could help me jumpstart a program in just a few sessions that I could then continue on my own. Perhaps some free weights, crunches, squats – things I wouldn't do unless someone was standing over me.
First, her 8 session minimum package led to a more substantive result than what could have been accomplished in the 4 I thought might be enough. In fact, the 8 sessions went by so quickly, I signed up for eight more! Second, her approach was not a pre-packaged program, but a personalized plan based upon my health and fitness history, age, current status, concerns, needs and goals. Jocelyn incorporated into each session exercises to develop and strengthen core muscle groups, but also balance, cardio and yes, thoughtful conversations and monitoring of food and beverage intake through the use of a food diary. I was almost completely unable to balance on my left side initially. I can now stand on that left leg and stretch the other without toppling over. My progress was enhanced by weekly homework;. I travel a great deal most of the year and to keep up with my homework, I had to throw my workout clothes into my suitcase and actually use the hotel fitness rooms! But she also armed with things I could do in my hotel room as well.
I guess the highlight of my Fit2Inspire experience was Jocelyn's gentle, consistent encouragement to consider running a 5K race. No, this was definitely not one of the goals I'd mentioned to Jocelyn. But after following what turned out to be a VERY DO-ABLE approach to training – even while on the road - I went from 10 minutes of jogging in December of 09 to 45 minutes by the following April. I am happy to report that on Mother's Day 2010 at the age of 61 years and 5 months, I completed the Komen Mother's Day 5K Race for the Cure – my first 5K! My goal was to finish in 45 minutes. My official time was 41:17. I am planning my 2 5K on Memorial Day. My goal is to finish in the top 3 in my age-gender group so I can get a prize!! Last years 3 place over-60 winner was over a minute slower than my current time! I intend to have her eat my asphalt!*
I am truly INSPIRED at what I have been able to accomplish with Jocelyn's encouragement even after our one-on-one sessions were completed. So all you Elders, Boomers, Gen-Xers, New Moms, anyone who needs a little help to get going on your own health goals, give Jocelyn a call and GET INSPIRED!"