Inspiration through example

Submitted by: Josh Leahy

Michael's Success Story

Josh is a tremendous motivator and inspiration to my health and continuous well being. As a 40 year old office professional it's difficult to muster the inspiration to work out on a continuous basis. He has continuously motivated me to not only workout but learn about nutrition as well. This was something I never quite understood or felt was important because I'm thin and wasn't trying to lose weight. His knowledge of nutrition was a life changing experience for me and I can honestly say I feel much healthier now than I ever have. And just before your routine becomes boring, he changes things up to target your muscles in different ways and keep the work out interesting!

I've watched Josh transform the lives of many people...from those trying to lose weight to others wishing to gain some physical mass and definition. He truly works with every individual to develop the best plan for them to achieve their goals, and it doesn't stop in the gym. He continually motivates, encourages and shares nutrition tips and ways to help you reach your goals. Josh not only is the first one to get on you when you're slacking off, but also the first to give you praise when you start achieving your goals. He always seems to notice and never hesitates to praise your accomplishments.

I not only attribute my new found strength and fitness to Josh, but also my awareness to nutrition and the role of our food system in truly making us healthier individuals. Keep up the great work Josh; you've truly been an inspiration!