Inside Out Fitness's "Athlete of the Month" February 2013

Submitted by: Richard Dant

Julie's Success Story

Julie is our "Athlete of the month" for February 2013! Many people ask me what it takes to get this distinction and I tell them that I need to be able to tell a great health and fitness story. Well, Julie has just the ticket! I have been training Julie for over a year and she ALWAYS shows up regardless if she is feeling like it or not. She always gives everything a try even though she doesn't always think she can do it. She always "shows those choppers" , that is she is constantly smiling and that is important folks, very! So having said that let me now tell you that Julie also suffers from RA(rheumatoid arthritis ), a chronic form of arthritis with inflammation the joints, swelling, stiffness, pain and changes in the cartilage that can result in crippling deformities. So folks this isn't your basic Osteoarthritis, oh no! We are talking some major pain that doesn't really get better but is mostly just managed. So folks, what was your reason again for not "WALKING THROUGH THOSE DOORS"??? Now that is what I call a story!! Rick Dant THE trainer!


Julie Before


Julie After