Innovative Training with Purposeful Programming

Brian's Success Story

“Life is a challenge. Everyday we are presented with challenges that shape and define who we are both physically & mentally. As a performance trainer, we must provide dynamic workouts designed to help each individual athlete achieve their goals & objectives based on their unique strengths & weaknesses. As a high-level professional, injury should never be “a guardrail”. How you help all clients prepare for those challenges by providing continuous improvement through purposeful programming will determine whether they are set up for success or set back. “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.” - Brian Nunez, IGNITE 360 Master Trainer and owner of Fitness Never Sleeps

Brian Nunez uses the Ignite Performance Training methodology & programming to enhance his clients’ readiness for whatever challenges lie ahead or goals they wish to achieve. Although he has a number of other high-level certifications, this unique methodology & systematic approach allowed each of his athletes to begin challenging themselves to become more, build real confidence by earning their progressions during their workouts, and drive to the next level every day. These clients may include sport performance athletes or fitness enthusiasts that strive for better Balance, Movement, Strength and Endurance, while working on Commitment, Consistency, and Dedication in all aspects of their lives. The methods, techniques & protocols within the IGNITE 360 live certification are the keys to unlocking performance.

Brian believes the Ignite Performance Training methodology is about training the athlete in everyone via a 360-degree approach. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. The purpose of training the whole athlete is an “everything matters” approach to preparing them to be their best when their best is needed. Challenge yourself to Give more to your athletes, Do more for your athletes and Be more through your athletes!”

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