Injury from car accident to Client to Pilates Instructor

Submitted by: Patricia Kreiner

Tara Lester at The Brother Gym in Bayville's Success Story

Patti has changed my life – In 2006, I was Patti’s client. I quickly became hooked on Pilates. Through my practice, I started to see my body change. Friends and acquaintances at noticed. So of course, the next step was becoming a Certified Pilates Instructor. Patti gave me books and all types of reference materials. She was, and still is, generous with her knowledge. Her knowledge has fueled my ambition in becoming a better Pilates Instructor. I would not miss an opportunity to work with Patti, she is a great instructor. I would, and I have, recommended Patti in a heartbeat. I am a certified Pilates Instructor because of Patti and I truly enjoy what I do. Patti and I work together as colleagues. Thank you Patti!