Injuries Prevented

Submitted by: Marco Sanchez

Ellie DeCaprio's Success Story

Marco Sanchez brought me from an average hockey player to being competitive at the national level in just one summer. Now he’s trained me for two years and he continues to push me further than I ever thought I could go. Before I trained with Marco, I was constantly getting hurt with small injuries but as soon as I started with him I have been injury free. He never lets me slack off, but more importantly I never want to slack off when he trains me because I have that much respect for him and the training program he uses. Not only has my strength and speed improved tremendously but I’m more mobile and flexible which translates directly to the ice. More importantly I feel healthy and strong. But I think the best part about Marco is that he’ll share the same music taste with a teenage girl for and hour and a half four times a week.

Ellie DeCaprio
The Rivers School


Ellie DeCaprio Before


Ellie DeCaprio After