Injured runner back to her favorite sport thanks to Chi Running!

Submitted by: Lisa Pozzoni

Kelly, 7/8/2010's Success Story

"Thanks so much for the analysis! Since our last session, I've gotten into a more comfortable arm swing, and I can feel that the work load is
easier. It's funny that you said about my arms/shoulders etc. taking up energy, because in the past my neck would begin to hurt, which is
the first I knew I was lifting my shoulders. I just mostly feel relieved that I won't have to quit running due to injury. As upset as I was, sitting in the podiatrist's office when she said no more, I am just that ecstatic that I can do a 5K and still be able to function the next day. Before the Chi Running, I had done physical therapy, deep pressure massage, reflexology, and countless braces, shoes, inserts, etc. and nothing worked consistently. I still have LOTS of practicing to do, but I can totally feel the differences. My feet and my psyche thank you!
I liked the small group - it wasn't intimidating when you had to practice or run on camera. I also liked that I got to practice between sessions
and getting new parts to think about. My brain might have exploded with all of it at once! Watching my first video when we started was
good, too. As much as I hate seeing myself on camera, I could pick out what we just got done talking about that was causing problems.
I can't think of anything I didn't like. It felt good to be part of a running community again. "