Increased Bone Density with Strength Training

Submitted by: Susan Hathaway

's Success Story

"This is the eagerly-awaited DVD version of Susie Hathaway's class in strength training for osteoporosis prevention. The DVD has all the content of the class, including the valuable understanding of the scientific basis of what you're doing. I like Susie's training because it's based on scientific research, not ooga-booga, and because it's tailored especially to be safe for older women (over fifty) who are at risk because of low bone density.

Three years ago, I fell and broke my wrist. Bone density tests showed I was on the brink of osteoporosis. Without realizing it, I had lost a lot of my strength over the years. I was tripping and often falling (which is how I broke my wrist), and suddenly I had a bleak vision of a future as an invalid. But I decided to do something, and that's when I heard about Susie's strength training class.

I enrolled, even though I'd never worked with weights before. One year into strength training, my bone density tests showed an improvement, and my strength had increased dramatically. I felt better than I'd felt in ages. I've now been doing Susie's program for five years. Along with improved strength, which makes everything easier, my balance is so much better that I simply don't fall down any more. I'm physically stronger and more active than I was 15 years ago, and much more optimistic about my health and my future.

The women in Susie's classes have been begging her to put her program onto a DVD, and at last it's available. Now, when I can't make the class, I use the DVD. I get a great workout in my own home, with all the benefits of Susie's tips and pacing.

Get this DVD now!"

-- Diane Porter