Improved Athletic Performance

Submitted by: Steve Vicera

Mariessa's Success Story

From an active high school softball player, trying to improve my game to a health-conscious individual passionate about staying physically fit, the training program at Sommet Fitness has given me a wonderful experience.
I have personally worked with Steve for 3 years and his positive attitude as well as is motivational tactics have always ensured a superior workout. A few months before the softball season of my sophomore year, I began training at my home with Steve and by the time spring rolled around, I found I was unquestionably stronger. I hit the most homeruns on my team – a major improvement, considering I didn’t hit any homeruns the previous season.
After moving on from softball, I wanted to stay physically fit, so I followed Steve to his beautiful studio, Sommet Finess. Since then, the studio has only intensified my workouts. My mixed workout of weight training and Pilates has truly been rewarding. The weight training strengthens my muscles and tones my body. However, it is the Pilates that keeps my muscles feminine and lean. Pilates has also greatly improved my posture. It has strengthened my core and back muscles, causing me to stand taller and with my shoulders back. In fact, since I have started Pilates, I continually receive compliments about my exceptional posture.
Not only do the workouts at Sommet produce results, but the friendly staff at Sommet is highly professional and motivational – guaranteed to help anyone reach his or her fitness or weight goal.
With Steve and his superior staff, outstanding exercise programs, and state-of-the-art studio, I highly recommend Sommet Fitness to anyone serious about training for sports, losing weight, gaining muscles, or simply staying physically fit.


Mariessa Before


Mariessa After