Improvement of Muscular Tone and Nutritional Program for Autoimmune Condition

Submitted by: Grant Hughes

Christa P's Success Story

I saw an increase in strength and a decrease in inches all over my body. I found that Grant tailored my workout to specific muscle groups that I use while riding. This really helped strengthen my core riding muscles which allowed me to ride better and specifically have a better jumping position.
Grant also helped provide meal plans for me that accommodated my crohn’s disease while ensuring I received all of the appropriate nutrition. I did not realize that I was not only eating the wrong foods, but I was not eating enough times in a day. It was amazing to see the inches come off while eating more food.

Grant was great because he worked with my schedule and my budget. Since I had limited time over lunch he made sure to give me a workout that would help strengthen muscles while at the same time incorporating cardio so that I would loose inches.

I am horseback riding better than ever, have more energy and my crohn’s is doing great. Grant has really turned my life around in terms of eating healthy and living healthy. Grant is a great guy that truly cares about his clients and wants them to succeed. I would recommend contacting Grant for anyone that wants to get fit, learn about nutrition and live a healthier life.