Improved Sports Performance & Injury Prevention

Submitted by: Frank Villani

Santo Maertz, Minor League Baseball Player's Success Story

Frank’s knowledge of training, health, flexibility, lifestyle, and nutrition was very impressive. Any questions I had for him he knew the answer right away or had the information at his fingertips. Being an athlete my whole life, I thought I knew everything about physical training and eating healthy. But I was missing a lot of information. My lifestyle, mentality and health improved dramatically after a month of training. As a result my physical appearance was changing and I was excited. With Frank’s knowledge and seeing the changes in my body, I started eating healthier and feeling much better during the day.

Not only did Frank help me become healthier, he improved my performance ten fold. In my first year in minor league baseball I had a mediocre season, which I didn’t make stand out. A year training with Frank, I went back for my second year and had an all-star performance. My numbers were so impressive I received many awards and it was noticed throughout the organization. I have to give credit to Frank for getting me ready to perform at a high level for the whole season. You could see my energy and stamina lasting longer than the rest of my teammates.

Frank has helped me realize how much dedication it takes to become an elite athlete who wants to perform at a high level all the time. Frank is a willing teacher who has the ability to teach optimal health to a wide range of people. I have to thank Frank for giving me the knowledge and motivation to succeed. Frank is a true friend, great trainer and expects one to tap in to their true potential