Improved posture, relieved shoulder and back pain, lost 2lb, 8.5 inches, toned arms and reduced cellulites!

Submitted by: Violet Gheletca

Maya's Success Story

FITNESS VISION: Growing up, I had a very petite physique but as I reached my mid 20s, I realized I was putting on a lot of unhealthy weight around my waist and thighs. Overall, I felt very weak and lethargic all the time. I really wanted to look and feel great. I started going to the gym and tried to do my best on my own for about a year. However, I was just not satisfied and didn’t see any results.

TESTIMONIAL: Violet and I formed a great bond right away and she helped me look at all aspects of my lifestyle from my diet to health issues like back and knee pains. I loved how she was able to devise a workout plan that targeted all my needs so effectively. Violet is very supportive and constantly offered great motivation to keep me going.
It was amazing what training with Violet did for me. I feel stronger and I am also more toned. I was able to take on more and more challenging workouts that I never thought I could have. Violet made training so much fun, it was no longer a chore. We worked in a fun environment, with music and fun conversations and it was always something I looked forward too.
The results from the first month of training were remarkable! I lost two pounds and noticed a great reduction in cellulite! I gained muscle on my arms and legs and lost fat around my waistline. Overall, I lost 8.5 inches. Most importantly my shoulder and back feel much stronger and I do not feel the pain that I used to and my posture has improved.
I am so glad I made the decision to work with Violet because I was able to accomplish in a month what I had been trying to do for a year on my own! Violet helped me change my lifestyle for the better - from a healthy breakfast, balanced meals and supplements to making sure I have a well planned workout routine. I have never looked or felt better and I know I am on the road to maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle.


Maya Before


Maya After