Improved Function

Submitted by: Vance Ferrigno

Claudia's Success Story

Dear Vance,

I just wanted to let you know in writing that my left shoulder is doing very well.  Almost all of the improvement is based on the two sessions where you manipulated the bones in my shoulder while I moved my arm. 

You gave me exercises which I have done a bit of, but because you relieved the pain, I am doing all kinds of other normal things with my arm that I had given up -- such as pulling a shirt over my head or doing bridge pose in yoga.

As for my hip and back pain, I have been slightly more diligent about the strengthening exercises you prescribed.  But the fact that you thought it was a muscle weakness resonated with my own impression, and so I have pursued other strengthening activities such as the elliptical machine or gardening on our large and hilly lot and been able to just put up with muscle discomfort without fearing that I was causing a situation that would last for painful months.  The consequence of all this is that I am suffering less back pain.  I still suffer the hip pain but frequently can stretch and exercise my way out of it.

Thanks for everything.