Improved all around!

Submitted by: David Peterson

Zoe's Success Story

I have been training at Infinity Fitness twice a week for 5 weeks. When I first started I was totally out of shape and I wanted to feel more fit and all around better about myself. My first session I had to take quite a few breaks and could barely walk after. Now, I can do a full hour of cardio and feel great afterwards.
Now that I have been training with Dave my self image and self confidence has really improved. I could barely run a mile before I started training and now a 3 mile run feels like a day off. I feel like I'm in great shape.
My favorite part about training is that I really like the accomplished feeling I have when I finish my workout.
If anyone is thinking of trying out training then I think they should definitely go for it. Its a lot of fun and beneficial in a lot of ways. I couldn't think of a negative aspect of training with Dave if I tried.