I'm officially addicted!

Submitted by: David Peterson

Kate's Success Story

Hi. I'm a mother of 2 young girls living in Darien. I got my first taste of freedom this summer going to Dave's bootcamp while my girls were in camp.
I am 100% addicted to this class! The first 2-3 classes I left here thinking "what am I doing here?!" I'm not strong enough to be here. I couldn't do 1 full sit-up and I did push-ups on my knees. But I stuck with it - thru motivation from Dave and support from the other women in the class. In 7 weeks, my core, arm and leg strength is the best it's been in my life (and I've always been an athlete). I can now do 15 full sit-ups, multiple times and I can do 30 push ups not using my knees.
My favorite part of bootcamp is the multiple sets we do, mixing in different equipment to strengthen every body part. Each class is totally different so you don't get bored. And learning that there's many ways to strengthen your stomach other than doing a sit-up. It's creative, intense and lots of fun!
It's built my overall confidence and my husband compliments my figure regularly - it's great!

Darien, CT