I'm Happy About Who I Am Because of It...

Submitted by: Coley Speaks

Dawnn Lewis, Award Winning Actress & Singer's Success Story

"In all honesty, I've never enjoyed 'working out', I've danced professionally for most of my life (still take class from time to time), and participate in a variety of sports activities: track & field, karate, scuba & golf to name a few. That's how I stay in shape.These days however, I realize it takes a little more to keep the extra pounds off, and looking good as well as feeling good.
Coley, has honestly helped me achieve just that. With his understanding of the body, he designed an exercise routine for my "complete" wellness and fitness needs. I have a better mental approach to staying in shape, because with him I see results, with him I stay encouraged, and believe me, it makes a huge difference; and that's without lifting weights, or being on an ultra restrictive diet. I eat healthier, sleep better, and get to keep wearing all the clothes I love!! That was a must for me! I've never trusted personal trainers before, but I do trust Coley Speaks. I've referred him to my friends, a number of whom have hired him with great success. Their needs were different from mine, so he designed a program specifically for them that produced results, and now they're referring him to their friends and colleagues! I'm happy about the way I look, I'm happy about the way I feel, and most importantly, I'm happy about the person I am because of it. And I think it shows!"