I'm a runner but I can't stand the pain!

Submitted by: Monica Kuebler

Anne's Success Story

I have been an avid runner for 15 years. I injured my leg training for the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon. I attempted to run the marathon but had to stop at mile 19 because of the excrutiating pain I was experiencing in my lower leg. I was forced to stop running for the next several months and even had difficulty walking up and down stairs. I started going to physical therapy in November and for two and half months and was not making the expected progress that I was hoping for during my sessions.

After months of frustration, I consulted with Monica (wellness director) who recognized my injury immediately and recommended massage therapy. After the first massage therapy session, the pain in my leg improved. I was also given exercises to do independently to assist in the healing process. A few days following the massage I was able to walk up and down the stairs easily and do a few intervals of jogging and walking on the treadmill. A couple of weeks later, I had a second massage and the area of concern improved tremendously and the pain subsided even more.

A month after the massage therapy and recommended exercises, I am thrilled to say that I am back running and am starting to train for another race. I have massage therapy and Monica’s encouragement to thank for helping me run again pain-free.