I weighed less when I was 8 months pregnant

Submitted by: Carrissa Leimbach

Lisa's Success Story

“After having three kids and becoming a stay at home mom, my weight increased significantly. My eating habits worsened and I found myself content just eating a bowl of macaroni and cheese for lunch or dinner and drive thru dinners became increasingly popular with our busy lifestyle. The turning point for me came when my husband found his favorite picture of me and told me to post it on the fridge as motivation“I however was 8 months pregnant in that picture, and about 50 lbs lighter. My girlfriends started working with me. What started as a few days of exercising on the elliptical a month and an occasional swim soon changed. A few months into it, Overeating had never been the problem, I just made some poor choices in food. I started working out with a personal trainer, Carrissa Leimbach. She place me on a nutrition plan that took some adjusting to. I had not been eating enough calories or nutrient dense foods. She incorporated short distant runs, light weights, ab workouts, circuit and interval training into my routine. After only 6 weeks, I won the Biggest Loser challenge that she coordinated between some friends. It was an incentive to keep going. Not long after, I found myself being able to complete a 4 mile run. Less than a year after starting my routine, I participated in a 5k Mud Run (mud filled obstacle course) alongside my trainer and completed it. That to me has been my biggest achievement to date. I now have the knowledge of how to eat properly and exercise. I know how to stay on track to feeling great.”
Lisa Brewer