I was no stranger to diet and exercise..

Tina's Success Story

Tina's Success Story

When I walked into the gym two months ago, I was no stranger to diet and exercise. At the age of 48 years, I had recently lost 150 pounds and had maintained that weight loss for over a year and a half. Despite this success, I found that my level of fitness and energy was not where I wanted it to be, my lower back was frequently sore, my posture was poor, my knee's were often painful, and by the end of each day, I often found myself sitting on the couch due to lack of energy to do other activities. In addition, I had the obvious need, after such a large weight loss, to put some definition back into my entire musculature, I drooped and sagged everwhere!
Since beginning my workouts two short months ago, I have seen a reversal/improvememt in all these areas, I no longer have pain or discomfort anywhere, my posture has improved to the point where it is now noticeable to others and myself. I see muscle definition where there previously was none, my clothes fit better, Overall, I feel stronger/more confident.
For those reading this letter, I'd like you to know that Nancy keeps workouts varied, energetic, enjoyable, and interesting week after week, her nutritional advice is sound, easy to follow, and works in terms of increasing energy and meeting weight goals.
I feel that Nancy really cares about my goals, my workout progress and me. Working out used to be a chore, now I never get bored, I actually look forward to every session...and my progress has been really encouraging, I no longer dread getting old, because I know I won't be falling apart the way many people do.
Nancy is a true professional, and I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve his or her own level of fitness.


Tina Before


Tina After