I was born again!

Submitted by: Elizabeth Richards

Leeling K.'s Success Story

My weight loss journey began June 2009 when I hit my low. I was being evaluated for an IVF procedure. The specialist told me I needed to lose weight before he would proceed, at that time I weighed 224 pounds. After I had the baby in June 2010, I had post partum depression and everything was suffering (home, kids, husband, work, and friends).

In September 2010, I started working out with Liz twice a week an hour at a time in a group situation. I weighed 197 pounds at that point and was in size 20 pants. Most of my shirts were either 2XL or XL.

Working out with Liz though is more than just the actual sessions. She had us journal what we were eating to start. Then each week when we turned in our journals, she would offer helpful hints and guidance on changes to make to our diets. She also sent motivating emails and gave us goals to strive for in both exercise and diet.

By the end of that 8 week program, I had lost 13 pounds. More importantly I had lost 22 inches all around. The biggest changes were 7 inches lost on my hips and 5 inches lost on my waist. I went from size 20 to comfortably wearing size 16 pants.

This holiday season, I worked out with Liz and was shocked to find out that when I went back for a weigh in mid January I had lost 10 pounds down to 174 lbs.

The other day I shopped for size 14 pants which are very comfortable and a size large shirt. I haven’t seen those sizes since 2001.

In total I’ve lost 50 pounds and will continue to workout as part of my lifestyle now. More important than the numbers are that I feel strong (I have muscles now), stress and tension are manageable and I’m just happier all around. I appreciate Liz’s professionalism, guidance, experience, and knowledge. She is just an incredible trainer and motivator.


Leeling K. Before


Leeling K. After