I was afraid to walk, go up & down stairs & even to be alone

Submitted by: Deb Preachuk

Heather G.'s Success Story

I have a long history of osteoarthritis. The first symptoms appeared in the feet, but seemed to show up in other joints, lower back discs, shoulders, hips, and knees. I would often comment how bent out of shape I felt. I experienced sensations like my femurs were being bent and twisted almost to the point like the bones would snap with the pressure. I began to favor one side of my body and developed a limp, and gradually lost a great deal of strength in my left side. The pain slowly became a daily ordeal and finally in 1999 at the 49 years of age I had a complete hip replacement.

The pain seemed to be dealt with but I slowly began to favor the right knee and developed hammer toes on the right foot. My knee became stiff to move and pain settled into that joint. I had a knee surgery in 2001 and again in 2004. I was unable to stand or walk for any length of time and the only way I could control the pain was to do as little as possible. In February 2007 while trying to start exercising I experienced a herniated discs in my lower back. Once again I was completely riddled with pain in my back, sciatic, hip joint groin, and legs. Moving even in bed was almost more than I could bear.

By May 2007 after many physiotherapy treatments the pain was finally under control when I experience a spontaneous left hip dislocation. Fortunately the surgical team opted for a closed hip reduction. A nerve in my lower back was affected and I had spontaneous episodes of falling when I lost feeling in my legs. This would happen when I least expected it and was fearful of walking, going up and down stairs and even of being left alone.

In September 2007 I began my first Egoscue exercises with Deb. She gave me a few basic ones to start and then in October of 2007 Deb showed me a few exercises designed for a complete postural alignment. December of 2007 Deb once again updated my exercise routine.

I am now totally pain free! I have increased my mobility, and can now walk for about 30 minutes at a time, and am able to do aquatic exercises 3 times a week as well. The most amazing thing is to feel my body is aligned as I am walking.

The doctor I have been seeing regarding the herniated discs is satisfied with my recovery. I tried to bring up the issue of PAT (postural alignment therapy) and how this had helped in my recovery he had no comments. I know my recovery had very little to do with medication, physiotherapy, or rest that produced such an amazing improvement to my health. I am fully convinced the Egoscue exercise program has produced structural alignment for my body. I no longer fear hip dislocation, or the thought of using the cane, walker or wheel chair. Whenever I begin to feel any twinges in my joints I simply do the static back and this seems to break the impending muscle spasms I have been plagued with for so many years.

My many thanks to you Deb, your insight and God given talents to help someone like me has enabled me to enjoy my retirement years. You have seen me struggle for so many years. Thank you for being patient and lovingly persistent in your pursuit to bring healing to my body.

Heather G.