I want to be a healthy mom

Submitted by: Calvin Whitmore IV

Trisha's Success Story

Trisha and I met at work. Very unsure of herself and unhappy with her body. She had always wanted only one thing, and that was to become a mom. I explained, being a first time mom had risk I've heard and that the risk was worse when overweight. She agreed to train with me on our 15 minute breaks and some times on our 30 minute lunch break. Five months later, she was over 40 pounds loss, and down from a size 16 to a size 12. One of her first comments to me was that she wasn't built to run. I explained to her that any client I take has to complete a 5k at the end of their goal journey with me. And she did. She ran a 5k and was great. She's now a happy healthy mother of a two month old girl, and plans to be a running stroller mom with her husband right by her side in at least four 5k's this year.


Trisha Before


Trisha After