I took Gold at the MABRA Championships

Submitted by: Joanne Bradbury

Chris's Success Story

I wanted a coach to help me become more structured in my cyclocross training and to obtain some goals - someone who understood the difficulties of cyclocross and did not give me a cookie cutter style plan.

I had tried other coaching services in the past but they never were structured around my goals or schedule. One of the things I liked best about using the program Joanne set up for me was that she gave me the structure I needed yet the flexibility I was looking for. Joanne listened to my needs and took into consideration my life outside cycling.
She assisted me in taking my ‘cross racing up to what I knew I was capable of doing. I took Gold at the MABRA Championships 40+ Cat3/4 race, was the overall points leader in the MABRA 35+ Cat3/4 and upgraded to Cat2.

Joanne is so well rounded and experienced as a coach I would recommend her to anyone looking for improving their cycling in Road, Mountain, Cyclocross, or any discipline.”