I now enjoy exercise!

Submitted by: Brenda Fox

Myra's Success Story

I started training with Brenda because a friend and co-worker had lost weight right after she started training with Brenda. I really didn’t believe that I would lose weight also, but decided to give it a try.
I only joined the gym for 3 months to see if I would see any results. Exercise always made me tired, so I didn’t think I would stick to it. Brenda helped me get excited about exercising because she was so full of energy.
After a month I had lost four pounds, and I had started to feel more energized. As the months passed I continued to lose weight, and my body began to change. That’s when I started to really enjoy exercising.
Exercising no longer makes me tired, but it gives me energy to perform my daily activities that I wasn’t able to do before. Thanks to Brenda I have lost a total of 25lbs, and have maintained it. Also I began to enjoy exercising and eating better, it’s a routing part of my life.