I Never Thought I'd Say This...But I Love Exercise

Submitted by: Christi MacNee

Caroline C.'s Success Story

“My name is Caroline and I am 35. I have struggled with my weight since childhood. The last time I can remember being at a healthy weight was in high school. I am a single mom, nurse, and full-time student so I am busy just like everyone else. My weight continued to creep up over the last several years. I felt unmotivated and helpless because of the large amount of weight I need to lose. In the past, I have tried numerous diets and worked out independently. Working out on my own never seemed to work because some days I would exercise and many days I found excuses not to exercise. I became the girl who hated exercise and if I did exercise I would go for a walk and count the minutes until it is over. I knew if I wanted to truly make a change I needed help. I heard about Zumba from a lady at Weight Watchers and it sparked my attention. Immediately after Weight Watchers, I went home and looked up Zumba online and went to the next class. I started with Zumba and now I am also enjoying yoga and especially the personal training. Christi (my personal trainer) is amazing and I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge from her about exercise and nutrition. Her continual support and motivation is a blessing. I went from no exercise to exercising 6 days a week. Since I started personal training I have lost more than 27 inches in the last 10 weeks. I have more energy and confidence than I have had in a long time. I feel amazing and I never thought I would say this, but I love exercise!!