I never liked to exercise, until now

Submitted by: Steven Satin

Cathy, 55, Carlisle & Dennis's Success Story

My workout sessions with the Satin Wellness Team was scheduled for a Friday and the pain going down my leg was terrible. I also had incontinence issues. I called my Wellness Specialist and she told me to call my physician.

I called my physician and she could not get me in to see a Neurologist until the following Friday. My Specialist calle done of her clients and got me into see a Neurologist on Monday! How did she do it? A Wellness Concierge is not bad. She has told me many times that if she ever needed anything to call her. I did not know that this meant doctors as well...

The Neurologist who knew my Specialist told me this was one of the top 5 worst cases she had seen. I needed immediate surgery to remove the disk and I would be able to return to exercise in 6 weeks minimum. I was very upset and when I told my Specialist she told me she would talk to the Neurologist and figure out a plan. This was too good to be true. I did not have to do anything.

I had my surgery on Monday and was home by Wednesday feeling very stiff and sore. My Specialists even got me a Physical Therapist that was close to my house.

My Specialist came to my house on Friday to say hi. What I did not know was she was here to give me a workout! Was she nuts? She lied me down on my recliner where I was totally supported. What a brilliant idea. She stretched my legs and glutes. What a great relaxing workout and we even worked my arms a little. I forgot how great it felt to move without pain...

While also seeing my PT, my Specialist would come to see me twice per week to stretch and work on other areas the PT was not. I felt great!

The next two months passed without missing a workout, recovering faster from her expertise, creativity and knowledge or a safe and effective workout. I would not be were I am now if it were not for my Specialist.

I am healthier and stronger than before I started and I learned early on that the Satin Wellness completely stands behind their motto, " Focus - Balance - Results"!