I *love* this class!

Submitted by: Aruna Chinnakotla

Lyssa's Success Story

I had lost close to 80 of the 100 pounds that I was overweight by walking and watching what I ate, over the period of two years. I knew, though, that in order to lose the last 20, I needed to do something different. 1 1/2 years ago, I made myself a New Years resolution that I would start attending exercise class, since there was a gym at my work. There was a Zumba class, which was ok, and a Fusion Beatz Bollywood class, which was fantastic. I fell in love with the Fusion Beatz class the first day I was there. I could see that I was reshaping myself within the first couple of weeks: my clothes started to fit more loosely and finally, I needed to buy new pants to keep from embarrassing myself!

The more my wonderful instructors said I could do, the more easily I found that I could do it..I have far more stamina than I ever had since I had been in college, some “ years ago! :D I am close to my college weight; I am allowing myself an extra ten pounds, because, after all, I'm not in college anymore! When I started this weight loss odyssey, my doctor had said that I was pre-diabetic, had high blood pressure, and the beginnings of all of the other overweight diseases. Now, my blood pressure is back to being normal, there is no sign of diabetes, I can keep up with people 1/2 my age, and I'm feeling (and looking!) absolutely fantastic.

I lead a very busy life, as I'm sure everyone does. I know I have to fin d the time to do this class, because I know how I would feel if I didn't, and I don't like that feeling! So here's to FusionBeatz and to all the classes they teach!. I *love* this class!


Lyssa Before


Lyssa After