I love Ashleigh as my coach. She is sensitive, committed, warm, tough, funny, & knowledgeable all wrapped into one!

Submitted by: Ashleigh Mitchell

Karen, Certified Financial Planner's Success Story

As someone that has never found a form of exercise that I liked or would stick to, having Ashleigh as my Pilates instructor has been life altering. Because of my body type, I’m a prime candidate for osteoporosis. I knew that I needed to do some form of exercise, but I hate running, can’t swim & don’t have the personal fortitude to exercise on my own, especially when I don’t want to or am tired.

I asked a client of mine who is training to be a Pilates instructor if she thought I should try Pilates. She did & said there was an instructor named Ashleigh Mitchell that she would highly recommend. I decided to schedule a few sessions with Ashleigh to check her out & see if Pilates was for me.

My criteria for starting Pilates with Ashleigh were:

It had to be convenient

I didn’t want to have to take a shower after exercising, so I could just go to work after my session

I wanted to strengthen my right knee that was injured

I wanted to increase my flexibility—I couldn’t even touch my ankles much less touch my toes

I wanted to increase my overall strength & feeling of well being

I wanted to look forward to doing it; instead feeling like it was good for me but a drag to do

It had to be fun...

All of these criteria has been met and exceeded beyond my wildest dreams.

My right knee is so strong that I can do anything I want to. I have returned to taking long walks, bike riding & not limping or favoring it—check.

I can not only touch my toes, but can touch the floor in front of my toes—that is a miracle for I have NEVER been flexible—check.

My overall strength amazes me—I lifted my suitcase into the overhead bin on my last flight & didn’t have to ask for help—check.

My sense of well being is life altering—I feel healthy & younger than I ever have—I stand up taller, walk with ease & know that I’m adding years to my life instead of getting older—check.

If I have to miss a session because of business travel I hate it—I look forward to my sessions & make my schedule work around them instead of the opposite—check.

I love Ashleigh as my coach—we laugh, share our lives & stories. She is sensitive, committed, warm, tough, funny, & knowledgeable all wrapped into one. I consider it a privilege to be her client. She has a natural gift of sharing her Pilates expertise such that not only are the physical results amazing, but she does it in such a way that I totally respect & will do anything she asks me to do. She is an incredible human being & I’m honored to have her as my instructor. My life will never be the same.