I lost over 20 pounds and still training with Kelly

Submitted by: Kelly Gibson

Michael F.'s Success Story

Over the Christmas holiday, I decided it was time to start rethinking the way I take care of myself. For years, I took pride in my body and health and somewhere in my 40s, I let that part of my life slip away, becoming complacent with who I was. The first order of this renaissance was to find the right Personal Trainer. I couldn't find any recommendations. I didn't want to go to some big gym where I looked out of place, fought over equipment time and was being harassed by "trainers for hire"! I chose to "Google" Personal Trainers and that is where I found Kelly. Her website spoke to me about commitment. She had recently lost over 70 pounds herself and seemed to understand what it takes to make a life change of this nature. I called Kelly and made an appointment to discuss my situation. In meeting her, I told her that I would be committed to her if she was committed to me in my overall health and improvement. I needed someone that focused on my specific needs and not the "one size fits all" training program. I needed variety. I needed focus.

A few months later, I never looked back. I am so grateful to Kelly for where I am today. She has led me to over 20 pounds of fat loss, improved sleeping, improved diet habits, increased strength and endurance, and most importantly improved self-esteem. She always creates a unique variety of exercises for me each week that challenges my abilities and insists on my extreme focus to achieve my goals. Kelly is NO nonsense. She works hard and insists that I do as well. I am very lucky to have Kelly as part of my "new me" approach. She will continue to serve as my "life coach" until all of my goals are met (and beyond)!


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