I Lost 20 Pounds with Isagenix When Nothing Was Working for Me Before

Submitted by: Angela Althoff

Angela's Success Story

Angela Althoff, Columbus, Ohio - Up until I started eating Isagenix on October 1, 2009, I was a workout-a-holic. I went to the gym for 12+ hours each week, only to find that my weight stayed the same or fluctuated by 5 pounds etc.

Basically, I had been gaining an average of 2 pounds each year since college. I knew that diet was a huge part of why I was not changing and going in the wrong direction. The only problem was . . . what do you do. I thought I was eating well, but the scale & my clothes said otherwise.

Since October 1, 2009 I have lost 18 pounds, 7% body fat and 24 total inches & gained 3 pounds of muscle! I look better in photos and feel more confident. I am toning up, and becoming more defined for sure. I can see it happening. I have more energy, recover from workouts quicker, can work out more and longer without getting as tired, sleep better and feel energized. I am excited because the hard work with my work- outs is NOW actually having an impact on my body and it’s slowly changing into where I want to be.

I was skeptical to try Isagenix at first, but now I am glad I decided to try it! I urge everyone to at least give the prod- ucts a try and have an open mind. Knowing what I know now, I am shocked when people turn down the offer to use something that actually works. Give it a try. You WILL NOT be sorry!


Angela Before


Angela After