I improved my training and improved my results

Submitted by: Joanne Bradbury

Ted's Success Story

I came to Joanne because I wanted to improve my cycling by becoming a stronger and more flexible athlete. I was looking to achieve a realistic core strength and stretching routine that I could fit into my crowded schedule. Not only did the exercises and routines Joanne provided allow me to be stronger on the bike, it improved my recovery time which is just as important.

After abandoning previous attempts to stretch because it just took up too much time, Joanne was able to construct a compact routine that increased the likelihood that I would actually do the routine. As a result of the routines, I felt stronger during my workouts, and recovered faster following my workouts.

By following a dedicated, yet practical, stretching routine following my workouts, I found that I warmed up more thoroughly and quickly during subsequent workouts. My overall strength and flexibility permitted me to train more consistently and miss fewer workouts due to fatigue. The overall benefit was vastly improved training, and as a direct consequence, results.

I appreciated that Joanne was able to adapt the program to fit my needs and time constraints. She constructed a strength and stretching program that I could fit into my schedule, which led to me actually performing the routines consistently throughout my training and racing schedules for the first time.

I would recommend Joanne to all people interested in improving their endurance fitness at any level. She understands that all systems work in union and that a stronger, fitter, leaner, and more flexible body will allow you to reach your goals.