I finally found help with my physical issues!

Submitted by: Gigi Gregory

Jill's Success Story

I have been training three times a week for 10 years and I am dedicated to a fitness regime. But, I wasn’t getting everything I wanted out of my training because my former trainer wasn’t addressing my concerns about my knee issues and glute strength and subsequent balance issues. After careful consideration, I chose Gigi as my trainer because she is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Corrective Exercise Specialist. She approaches the training process “holistically” and has designed a workout program specifically for me. It includes weight lifting for upper body strength, intense leg exercises that firm my muscles and she helps me with my flexibility and range of motion (especially around the knee). Gigi has taught me TRX which provides core and abdominal strength to increase balance. Gigi introduced me to TRX and it is not only fun but has now become an integral part of our workout. Because Gigi is immersed in nutrition, she helps me with my diet in a way that fits my age and physical requirements. She goes the extra mile and also tells me how to relieve sore muscles with special icing techniques. I feel very fortunate that I found Gigi. She is a consummate professional and inspires me to be the best I can be on many levels. I am 63 years old and look what I can now do!
Jill M.
Burbank, CA


Jill Before


Jill After