"I don't have time for Exercise"

Submitted by: Kevin Callender

Mike's Success Story

I worked with Kevin for over three years. I am an attorney with a very busy litigation practice, and I have three small children. As a result, time is a luxury I do not have. Working with Kevin is no doubt the single biggest reason that I have worked out on a continuous basis during that time. Kevin tailored his workouts to fit my particular needs and his changing up the routine always kept my interest. He was very good at pushing me harder than I would push myself while at the same time on harder days knowing when to pull back. Personally he is a joy to have as a trainer. He’s very personable and his demeanor definitely enhances the workout experience. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking assistance in either getting into shape or into better shape. I would wholeheartedly recommend Kevin to people with little to no experience with working out as well as to very fit and experienced athletes looking to push their conditioning to the next level.