I didn't know my OWN capabilities!

Submitted by: Carrissa Leimbach

Jamie's Success Story

"When I first started training with Carrissa I wasn't really sure of my capabilities nor was I thrilled about the painful process, both physically and emotionally. I definitely did not foresee any progress for my future. I had reached such a point of unhealthiness that I started to isolate myself from society. Something as simple as getting out of bed in the mornings caused me physical pain. I had goals, goals that were so far from reality, or so I thought. Each day I was reassured to push harder and hold my head up high because completing each session was a success. After just a few months, I was able to complete 4 mile runs with ease. My biggest accomplishments to date are being able to hike Mt Rainier and doing a 10 mile beach walk on the coast of Washington State. Carrissa stood by my side every step of the way and helped me reach my goal of optimum health, increasing my self confidence, and looking amazing."

(Dental Assistant)


Jamie Before


Jamie After