"I Busted Through My Plateau !"

Submitted by: Mary Jane Detroyer

Alicia's Success Story

My dietitian Mary Jane, quickly figured out that I wasn't consuming nearly enought carbs to last through my increasing mileage. I was so focused on weight loss that I skimped on claories, especially those from carbs; I'k learnmed at a medical checkup last year that I had an inolerance to gluten, a component of grains. Mar Jane had me add gluten-free carbs- beans, potatoes, dried fruit and rice- to my meals, and it made all the difference.
Not only did I lose 11 pounds and finally cross the 150-pound mark, but I also crossed the finish line at my first marathon. The best part of all was ditching the deprivation diet, which was holding me back. I know that the closer I get to my ultimate, 135-pound goal, the tougher it will be. But now I have the healthy tools to make it. (as reported on FITNESSMAGAZINE.COM/ July/August 2010)