I broke out of a workout rut and improved my overall fitness

Submitted by: Joanne Bradbury

Alexa 's Success Story

“I was hoping to break out of a workout rut and wanted to learn some new and novel routines, to learn the proper way to do some strength training exercises and improve my strength and flexibility.

I had taken cardio kick boxing and group cardio programs in the past, but with Joanne and her customized program for me, I was able to mix cardio and strength training in very intensive hour-long sessions, achieving greater benefits than other programs that would otherwise have taken me 2 hours at the gym.

I liked the fact that Joanne customizes the sessions to your needs and the way she varies up each session to keep you engaged. I never got bored! Each session was challenging, but fun.

With Joanne's help, I strengthened my core and improved my overall flexibility and agility. I also started having much more definition all over.

I would recommend Joanne's services to anyone who would like to see
quick results and have fun in the process.”