I believe in you

Submitted by: Trish kelly

Erika's Success Story

Erika came to me about eight years ago after she was injured in a very bad car reck that damaged all the nerves in her body. Though Erika still uses a wheel chair, she has progressed so much in eight plus years. She is now able to stand and walk with assistance and can pretty much do any exercise I give her to do, i.e. down dog, reverse crunchs, and chin ups.
And she can workout on a rowing machine in a controled manner and with great form.

When we first started working together, Erika could not hold a free weight without her arms shaking, now she can raise a five pound weight in a steady and control manner. She has gained no much knowledge about exercise and what her body needs. We work as a team now as we plan together her exercise sessions.

I love working with Erika and being apart of her progress. Erika is an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with and always tells them
"I believe in you, you can do it."


Erika After