I became toned and didn't get Injured!

Submitted by: Kevin Weston

Kelli Holzer's Success Story

I was a college athlete and always very active but in recent years I became very injury prone, and every time I would start a workout program, I sustained a long term injury such as torn muscles or back strain. It was very discouraging and I was losing faith that I could ever get in shape again“until I met Kevin. I visited Kevin, told him my story, and he seemed genuinely confident that he could help me reach my goals. Long story short, he DID. I lost all the weight I wanted to, built tone I had not seen in years, and not a single injury! For the first time in my entire life, Kevin taught me a sustainable eating regimen that is now my way of life, and not an extreme fad “diet”. He makes his expectations clear, and the rest is up to the client. I feel like Kevin has “cracked the code” with his fitness methodology and look forward to a long relationship of good health with him!