I avoided painful surgery!

Submitted by: Milton Jimenez

Ron's Success Story

I started working out with Milton on the advice of an orthopedic surgeon in order to avoid a second surgery to fix the complications of the first surgery on my left knee. At the time I was very unhappy and needed a cane to walk. Now, one year later, my knee is much improved having thrown away the cane 6 months ago. And recent x-rays show that the arthritis in my knees has not worsened very much in the past year. As an added benefit, not only am I alot stronger and my back feels better, but my bood work...my glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides...all have moved into the normal range without any medications. And my blood pressure is down some 15 points. With his knowledge and experience, Milton has been able to make a huge difference in my condition. He uses a variety of MedX equipment designed specifically for rehab of backs and knees and can select which ones and how he uses them to conform to any individual's situation in a very private and relaxed environment. I urge anyone with orthopedic issues to investigate the opportunity with Milton to possibly avoid costly and painful surgery.