I am my own success story....

Submitted by: Alissa Parker

Alissa's Success Story

I've always been an athlete. I ran my first 5k at 14 years old. I played varsity basketball and volleyball in high school. I've played softball and racquetball since I was a teenager.

Somewhere along the line I found myself living a very sedentary lifestyle. I was apathetic as far as my health and wellness were concerned and I’d gained a lot of weight. My fibromyalgia was chronically uncomfortable and I felt awful. I was overwhelmed with everything I needed to do to change my behaviors and didn't know where to begin.

I purchased personal training sessions several years ago as a gift for my birthday and I was very excited that I would have help getting to where I wanted to be - clearly I didn't have the motivation to do it alone. My goal was to lose weight, gain muscle, and become fit enough to once again run a 5k.

Well, I did all of that and more... In the years since, I have been able to maintain my program by doing cardio 5-6 times each week, strength training 3-4 times each week, and watching what I eat. I've found fun alternatives to the standard exercise programs and I actually look forward to working out each day!

I absolutely love the way I feel and am so happy to have discovered a genuine passion for health and fitness that I am fortunate enough to have been able to make into a career and share with others.

I can personally attest to the fact that hiring a personal trainer WORKS - the personalized attention is there, the time is set aside, the motivation ongoing. It's the best thing I did for myself, and I firmly believe that it's the best thing you can do for yourself.